Be convenient !

If on a batch of regenerated filters there are some not usable; we complete your bundle with new filters.

And if you want to buy new filters at SNS Industrie, we will do our utmost to facilitate you the task.

We will do our best to give you the best price-quality ratio with reasonable periods.


New filters ideally regenerable !

SNS Industrie makes a control of your filters.

Our tests give you the certainty that your filters can be putting back into service with all the security required on your site.

According to the features of each filter, there is a specific test procedure for each filter.

When filters can not be putting back into service, we propose you the substitution of it with new components.

SNS answers your questions →

Not usable filters will be collected by our processing procedure.
You will not pay for not usable filters.
We will have the possibility to get a certificate of destruction if you want.

When this is the end of your filters...

We replace every kinds of filter.

We respect their technical requirements and we guide you toward filters which respect our planet.

At SNS Industrie, we guarantee the quality of the filters we give you.

ISO 14001, we care about helping you to reduce your ecological footprint.