There are several kinds of filter strainer adapted to every situations and environments. For a smoothly operation they have to be regularly checked.

You have the possibility to entrust the maintenance of your filters and the maintenance of your filters to us.

Specializing in filtration for 30 years, our company proposes to you different solutions to make your filtration's system durable.

The kinds of filter strainer

Filter strainers are used to catch solid particles from a gas or a liquid. There are different kinds of filter strainers with different filtration's ranks. They are made from particularly robust materials: brass, stainless steel, cast iron, bronze,...

We distinguish different kinds of filter strainer →

Permanent: Y or T filters, mud filters, basket filters,...
Provisional: flat, conical, tapered filters,...
All with a threaded or flanged connection.

Filter strainer's maintenance

Like all industrial filters, filter strainers have to be regularly checked.

The inspection's frequency depends on the particles and the substances that the filter strainer has to filter.

That's why filter strainers have to be cleaned at regular intervals.

SNS Industrie is your specialist.

Industrial filters's regeneration by a specializing company

SNS Industrie is specializing in industrial filters's filtration for 30 years.

Our goal : return your filters with their original features and their optimal filtration's efficiency to you.

We master several technics which allow for unclogging every kinds of filter.