Vacuum filtration's system is used in several industrial fields. Moreover, the substitution of vacuum filters becomes rapidly expensive.

SNS Industrie's teams propose to you to evaluate filters, which compose your filtration's system, before proceeding to their regeneration or their substitution.

We intervene according to your needs, according to the deadlines that will allow your activity not to remain unduly stopped.

Vacuum filtration: keep your equipment running smoothly

In several industrial fields, vacuum technologies have loads of uses. These equipments which make possible to create a low pressure environment are equipped with filters.

These components have to be regularly checked and, if necessary, cleaned or replaced.

So as to limit the costs and to maximize your budget, you have the possibility to use industrial filters's regeneration.

SNS Industrie propose to evaluate the whole of your filters so as to maximize their use.

We do a diagnostic of each filter so as to determine→

Its sealing's nature and the most adapted technic to clean it.
Its potential deterioration and the implementation of its cleaning.
Its end of life and consequently its recycling or its substitution.

Applications of vacuum technologies

In industrial field, so as to install a vacuum environment, different kinds of vacuum pumps are used.

These equipments are used in the following specific industrial fields : 

Food industry 

Canning, bottling, vacuum cooling, ...


Vacuum hoisting, pneumatic transport, vacuum evacuation ...


Medical and surgical vacuum for samples, certain surgeries...


Manufacture of printed circuits, central vacuum system ...

Metalworking industry

Vacuum moulding, vacuum moulding impregnation...

Vacuum filter

Industrial vacuum filtration is crucial so as to guarantee the good operation of your equipments.

They can also take charge of deodorizing function by eliminating unhealthy smells.