Specializing in industrial filters's regeneration for 30 years, SNS Industrie masters all cleaning's technics, repair's methods and procedures of recycling adapted to your filtration system.


We work on all types of air filters : cyclonic filter, CTA filter, pocket filter, bag filter...

By entrusting your air filters to us, you increase the lifespan of your equipments while taking care of its performances, of the environment, of the standards and of your budget.


Industrial air filter : the regeneration to make your filtration system durable

For 30 years, SNS Industrie is specializing in industrial filters's regeneration. Regardless of the industrial filtration system used in your company, we guarantee the cleaning and the repair of your filters while respecting the standards and the environment.

Nowadays, industrial air filters must comply with ISO 16890 standard ; that's why we make sure that your filters have all the features required to respect it.

We master plenty of specific technics that we adapt to your needs.

Regardless of the filter's kinds used, SNS Industrie helps you to preserve and maximize the quality of your filtration system.

Custom air filter

For loads of industry, custom air filters are required. Regardless the features of it, our staff is able to intervene so as to make the maintenance and the regeneration of it.

After a diagnostic of your industrial filtration system, we guarantee the cleaning of your filters and the potential repairs of it.

If necessary, we also can substitute it before taking charge of its recycling.

Activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filter is also regenerable.

After an adapted treatment, it gets back its original structure without any pollutant.

Regardless of your business, we respect the standards and the environment.

G4-G3-G2 filter

SNS Industrie helps you preserving the air quality and the lifespan of your systems with this kind of filter.

Whatever how you use it, we are able to give it back its initial features.

Thanks to an adapted treatment, your installations work perfectly and efficiently, without losing yield.


CMV filter (Controlled mechanical ventilation)

Increase the lifespan of your CMV system while entrusting its maintenance to SNS Industrie.

CMV system have to be regularly checked. Dust and grease can easily make it works less efficiently.

Instead of substitute it, entrust it to us ! 

ATS filter (Air treatment station)

A high quality of air filters is required so as to make ATS filter works correctly.

When it gets dirty, it is not able to filter well incoming air anymore.

Consequently, every part of the station loose efficiency, and the performances of the system are damaged.

Or we can entrust your ATS filters to us.

Cyclonic filter

Cyclonic filter is recommended to filter high quantities of dust or other particles in order to protect your partners and the environment.

We help you keeping the quality of your air filtration. Our teams analyse the filter's state before applying the most adapted technic of cleaning.

Pocket filter

SNS Industrie propose to you to take charge of your pocket filters's cleaning.

Regardless of the features, we guarantee the regeneration of it, the potential repairs or even its substitution.

Bag filter

Hold the efficiency of your industrial dusting system by proceeding to the bag filter's regeneration. 

No matter its features, our teams apply the most adapted procedures to its maintenance.

Thanks to our technics, your installations are kept in good shape without substituting filters.

Absolute filter

In some industries, EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters are compulsory. They allow a high capacity of air filtration. HEPA filters or THE filters ( high efficiency ) can filter particle with a diameter of 0,3 micrometer.

We propose you to preserve your filtration system et its performance by guaranteeing the substitution of its absolute filters.

Electrostatic filter

We take charge of industrial air filters. Oil's fog are caught by electrostatic assemblies.

Your industrial activity requires electrostatic filter to guarantee air's clean up while separating dust and gas's smokes ?

Entrust the regeneration of your electrostatic filters to us. After a precise inspection, we apply adapted methods of cleaning to your system, we fix damaged parts, we replace filters at the end of their life and recycle them.

Industrial air extractor

To maximise the lifespan et the performances of an industrial air extractor, it is crucial to take care of every filters which compose it. 

SNS Industrie takes charge of their maintenance to guarantee a good long-term operation of your industrial air extractor.

Pleated filter

In industrial field, air filters get a high amounts of particles, and consequently their performances decrease. To preserve your filtration system, entrust the regeneration of pleated filters which compose it to us.

We clean them so as to they get back their original quality of filtration. You will not have to replace them. 

You do a gesture for the planet while preserving your budget.

F7-G4-G3 filter

Your air filtration system is fit with F7-G4-G3 filter or another rank of filtration ?

Keep it clean so as to preserve the health of your partners and the good operation of all your equipment.

We propose you tailor-made pieces of these filters.

Smoke's filter

Lead's smokes, weld's smokes, greasy smokes... : if there are these particles in your business, a specific air filtration system is crucial.

To guarantee its efficiency, smoke's filters have to be regularly checked and cleaned. SNS Industrie escort you for the maintenance : diagnostic, regeneration, repairs, substitution, recycling.