To treat efficiently a high amount of unhealthy air, bag filter is the best solution. Industrial dust extractors which use this kind of air filters are one of the best way to separate more or less thin particles. The operation's principle is simple and thanks to technical progress from makers, its maintenance is easy too.

SNS Industrie cleans your bag filters - they get back on your installation for a new life. If they are overly damaged, we repair them.

We can also supply new one with the same technical features to you.

Industrial dust extractor with bag filters

Bag filters are mainly used in industrial filtration system.

It is equipping industrial dust extractor which are intended to treat high amounts of unhealthy air.

According to the material composing the bag filter, these equipments are adapted to treat metallic dusts, wood's dusts...

Industrial dust extractor's principle is simple. Bag filters are positioned in metal cages horizontally or vertically. Unhealthy air enters into the structure by way of a side entrance and cross over filters. It cross filters and healthy air goes back out by way of the dust extractor's top. As for the particles, they pile up on the bag filters's outside surface. At steady intervals, a cleaning system is activated in order to clear the filters of accumulated particles. This auto-cleaning can be done mechanically by shaking the structure or by injecting compressed air.

However, bag filters have to be regularly changed and to get a deeply cleaning.

We do a diagnostic of each filter so as to determine→

its sealing's nature and the most adapted technic to clean it.
Its potential deterioration and the implementation of its cleaning.
Its end of life and consequently its recycling or its substitution.

Different kind of bag filter

Because they are intended for dusting in several industrial sectors, there are a variety of bag filters, adapted to every kinds of environment. The shape and the size of the bag filter are also subject to the environment and the substances it has to treat.

We take charge of all your industrial dusting's installations. We replace components of filtration and check the whole installation.


The substitution and the regeneration of industrial bag filter

The condition of the filter bags largely determines the efficiency of an industrial dust extractor as well as its energy consumption.

If the bag filters register too much pressure drop, replacement should be considered. And generally, even if a few filters are damaged, it is recommended to change all the filter bags.

To keep costs down, regeneration techniques can be used. SNS Industrie evaluates each bag filter so as to determine if it is possible to avoid the substitution by regenerating it.

After this diagnostic, our teams take charge of everything while respecting the periods in order to limit the time your machines are out of service.