Many industrial activities generate an abundance of dust and other waste.

Air filters are then installed to purify the air and remove residues of sawdust, shavings, sand, metal powder, flour, coal ash, fine soybean particles.

Among the various existing devices are cyclonic filters, units which have multiple advantages and which require regular maintenance to ensure their performance over the long term.

Principle of the cyclone in terms of industrial dust removal

In the agro-grain, food, wood, metallurgy industry. It is necessary to rid the air of the multiple particles generated by these different activities. The cyclone mechanically separates the solid particles present in the air.

In an industrial environment, the cyclone is often used as a pre-filter. It then allows pre-dusting of gaseous emissions from, for example, a sawmill or a cement plant, in order to spare the terminal filtration device. A dust collector or cyclone separator can also be settled to enhance the filtration capacities of an industrial vacuum cleaner.

We do a complete diagnostic of each filter to determine→

Its sealing's nature and the most adapted technic to clean it.
Its potential deterioration and the implementation of its cleaning.
Its life's end and consequently its recycling or its substitution.

Cyclonic filter's maintenance

As every air filters, cyclonic filters require maintenance to keep their efficiency.

Clogged filters, that is to say filters which cannot retain more waste, contribute to rejecting particles into the air and degrade the working environment as well as the health of employees. Stale air also has a negative impact on installations which can suffer from breakdowns and breakages.

Finally, equipment has to overconsume energy.

In order to make dusts's filtration system be optimal, entrust the regeneration of cyclonic filters to us.

We do a complete inspection of the filter so as to determine if it can be regenerated, or if it's not the case, the substitution.

We unclog filters by using proven and mastered technics. We also run a series of tests to ensure the integrity of the filters.

Industrial air filter's regeneration's experts at your service

SNS Industrie, specializing in industrial filters's regeneration for 30 years, proposes its services, the whole while respecting the periods and the standards. By choosing the way of air filters's regeneration you save money. Indeed, you have not to replace pieces of your installation. And their lifespan are expanded, that's why you contribute protecting the environment.