In several air's treatment system as well as other installations intended for air filtration, we find industrial air filters equipped with one pocket or more.

These filters make possible to increase the capacity of filtration.

Like all air filters, they have to be regularly cleaned and replaced when they can not handle their function anymore.

But before replacing them, you have the possibility to regenerate them. It preserves the environment and your budget.

What is a pocket filter ?

Pocket filter is a kind of air filter. It can be flexible or rigid and equipped with one pocket or more. These pockets are attached to a metallic / plastic  / stainless steel frame. Consequently, there are different filtration's ranks with pockets filters.

The filtration's efficiency is defined by European norms. Pocket filter adjusts to every configurations. Its pressure drop lower and its filtering surface is taller.

This kind of industrial air filter is used in several sectors : ATS, paint booths, ventilation...

We do a diagnostic of each filter so as to determine→

Its sealing's nature and the most adapted technic to clean it.
Its potential deterioration and the implementation of its cleaning.
Its end of life and consequently its recycling or its substitution.

Maintenance of pocket filter

When the pocket filter is clogged, it is not efficient anymore. Before replacing it, you have the opportunity to regenerate it. That's what we propose to you.

After having evaluated filters, our teams implement a regeneration's procedure so as to give them back their initial features and their original filtration's capacities. Contact us to find out more.